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isn't weight training dangerous? no sir.... being weak is dangerous!

Being weak is dangerous, not the process of getting strong…

However, it needs to be done correctly.

Why are people afraid of training hard, lifting heavy and getting strong?

“I don’t want to deadlift in case I hurt my back”, “Weight training doesn’t suit me, I keep getting injured”.

Wrong on all the above!

Strength is a major indicator of your health. Doing stupid stuff inside the gym will increase your chances of injury, no doubt. Cut out the nonsense and you are on the path to improving your health and wellness, without question.

So, this begs the question...

How do you get strong WHILE staying healthy?

While most people do know that building muscle and strength is generally a good thing for function, physique and durability, many simply cannot stay healthy enough to reap the benefits of their work. They see some ‘cool exercise’ that an “influencer” has on their Instagram, or they have no background of weight training but download a program from the 2018 Mr. Olympia winner.

Training to get strong doesn't have to leave you broken down and hurt. Train smarter to train HARDER, not the other way around.

Because no one cares how strong you are if you're always in pain or injured. Where is the sense to it? Some people tell me about their injuries as if it is a badge of honour.

While strength is the #1 physical characteristic to unlock health and longevity for a lifetime, there's a smart way to get stronger BUT ALSO a dubious way that is a sure fire way of derailing you from achieving your goals.

Not all training is created equally. If you train consistently with injuries, it is time to reassess your training.

Get strong, but do it the right way….


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