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Have you ever let your mindset hold you back?

We all have.

At some point, we’ve all felt like we weren’t enough. Even top athletes, successful entrepreneurs, etc are all riddled with doubt at some stage.

At some point or another we’ve felt like…

- Whatever I wanted to accomplish was least, for me

- I didn’t have the resources to get things done.I wasn’t smart enough

- I wasn’t talented enough

- I didn’t look the part

- I didn’t have the right background

And along the way, I think we are conditioned to believe things like…

- Money was scarce

- Getting a stable job was the right thing to do

- Don’t question authority

- Don’t stand out and play to your strengths

- The opportunities in your town are the limits of what’s available to you

- Circumstances dictate results

- Being really successful or wealthy was for other people.

Do any of those sounds familiar to you?

Or, more importantly...have you ever experienced one or more of these feelings?

Well... they are all lies.

All of them.


- I am smart enough - I have got my own unique talents and strength, so I should build around those - There is more than enough opportunity

- How I respond to my circumstances is what will dictate my results.It’s up to me to do the work

- Most things are possible

- Resources play much less of a role in success than effort, consistency & perseverance.

We will always have those doubts & lies trying to creep into our mind from time to time…

...but it is so important not to feed them.

Instead, focus on the truths that will allow you to achieve the success that you after.

So when you find your mindset drifting to places that don’t serve you well...I’d suggest that you list out your own truths like the ones I just shared...and focus on those.

You can accomplish more than you think...but you have to believe it before you can live it.


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