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the most important exercise you will do this year

This is an exciting time of year.

Around now you will be reflecting on 2019. You will be assessing what worked, what did not work and more importantly what can you learn from what did not work. This should largely shape your 2020 outlook and the plans that you put in place.

Really we have a blank canvas and it is up to us how we attack the year. You will dictate how the vast majority of your 2020 will look. Think about that….

So over the course of the next 2 weeks you should be asking yourself 5 questions. They will be important questions and they will largely shape your 2020.

I’d like to share them with you as I think it would be a very worthwhile exercise for you.

So here are your big 5 for 2020

Question 1:

Decide what do you really want from 2020?

Were last year’s goals achieved? If not why not? You probably hit some, missed a lot of others. There was obviously a misalignment between what you really wanted and your actions. So this year you need to decide what you want most. When you are making your list for work/life write down what is most important to you and what you value most.

Question 2:

Make that important goal from question 1 the most important goal!!

Your answer to question 1 probably consists of health, family, money, work etc. These are important because in reality we cannot live without them. Now that you have established the list you need to organise it in order of importance. What is your big priority?

Question 3:

How are you distributing your time?

The list of importance is established. Now set out the time you will give to each goal. As an example, family time might be a big goal for you this year. So where does that time come from? You need to decide the time you can allot to each of these. How much time can you allot to your goals? Sacrifice is most certainly needed also. How much time do you dedicate to your important things?

Question 4:

Can you identify past failings?

Look at your missed priorities from last year. Can you see where you went wrong and the discrepancies it has caused? How can you remedy that this year? Is it even possible? Where are the time discrepancies between what you value most and then your actions on a daily basis where you attempt to improve this.

Question 5:

Now everything is identified, what us your POA?

2020 is a new year. New year resolutions really annoy me. Quite frankly if you were serious about any resolution you revisit and test the plan on a daily and weekly basis. Not just on the 1st of January to fall off a few weeks later. What I am detailing here should be at least a bi-weekly task. With that being said the next 365 days are an opportunity to maximise your time.

Don’t repeat 2019’s mistakes. Prioritise, don’t spend another unfocused year on what is not important. Invest your time starting from today, from the end of this blog.

Write down the 5 questions and make 2020 your best year yet.

The real challenge I feel with these questions is not in the answering of them but prioritising the goals so that you can stick to them.

I came across a line recently on success saying ‘success is living a life with your highest values’.

Very appropriate here.

Just like any exercise, it will take dedication and hard work to achieve this alignment. However if you follow through, I can guarantee you that this time next year you will say that it is a worthwhile project.

Now go and get planning.


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